Our Story.

Cadence Theory: The belief that you can accelerate your way to awesome.
Disclaimer: You may already be awesome. Pedal harder, just to be sure. #AccelerateAwesome

We don’t do things by halves. Half effort makes us sad. So we rounded up the most legendary indoor cycling instructors, scored ourselves 32 of the very latest Technogym bikes as well as an epic 6mx4m custom screen, and set them all down in a state of the art studio in the heart of DIFC. We also brought along our sound system, which just happens to be fit for an Ibiza super club. OK, we admit it, we’re all about the tech. And we spend too much time updating our SoundCloud.

Our classes make that pretty obvious. From our poppin’ Hip Hop and Sound Theory sessions (think 45 minutes of constant TUNES) to our high energy head-to-toe MIXTAPE, RITMO LATINO and CYCLE THERAPY workouts, we just can’t get enough of accelerating the awesome. And whether you’ve cycled one or 1,000 times, we know you’ll be back to keep testing the Cadence Theory. Whenever is best – we know you’re busy, so our classes run from early early morning to late late night.