What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a group fitness class led by a certified instructor. You will ride on stationary bikes to music that complements and transforms your riding experience. While an average of 300-700 calories are burned per class (depending on your weight and effort level), you also get the bonus of toning your glutes, hamstrings, quads and core.


No! Most classes are designed for all levels. You are in control and can decide how hard to push. Instructors will provide you with guidance to follow, but ultimately you decide how hard you go.

I am a beginner; which classes should I take?

All our classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate level, except “SPRINT” & “RIDE OR DIE”, which are more suited to those at an intermediate or advanced level.

How often should I go?

We recommend two-three time per week to see the best results.

How long will it take to see results?

You will start seeing results after four-six weeks.

Do I need bike shoes or need to wear anything special?

You do not need bike shoes. You can wear a gym shoe or any other hard-soled athletic shoe. Bike shoes with SPD clips are recommended, but not necessary. You are likely to sweat a lot, so comfortable workout clothes and/or cycling shorts are recommended.


We understand that everyone is busy, so we have designed our membership and packages to ensure there is one that suits you.

Unlimited Monthly Membership:

Ride as much as you can for only AED 800 / month. This is great value offer for people that wish to ride two-three times per week.


We understand that some of you have to travel a lot or are simply too busy to ride as much as you would like. Don’t worry, we have designed the below packages just for you. And you have a whole year to use them! The rides will stay in your profile and you can use them anytime you like within one year of purchase.

1 Ride: AED 120
5 Rides: AED 550
10 Rides: AED 1050

First timers:

At AED 60, your first ride is half price, so you can come try the studio and see if it’s for you.


Simply click on Login and follow the steps to register. Once registered, select Buy Credit and click on the package you wish to purchase.

How can I see how many rides I have left?

By going to your profile from the Account tab, you can see how many rides and what type of packages you have available.


How do I book my spot for a class?

You need to login to your account and then go to” Book a ride” from the Classes tab.

How do I cancel a booked class?

Your profile shows the rides that you have booked. You can cancel any of those rides by clicking on “cancel”. You can only cancel ride up to 12 hours in advance.


Online (recommended)

You can purchase your rides through our website by credit/debit card. All payment are secure and in line with local banking regulations.

Cash or Credit Card at the counter

You can also pay at the counter. Should you choose this option, we kindly ask you to come to studio 20 minutes before the class start time so that our staff can assist you with the payment prior to the class beginning.


Water and towels:

At Cadence Theory we try to reduce the waste and usage of plastics as much as possible. We have a water dispenser that you can use free of charge. However, you need to have your own reusable bottle. Towels are also provided free of charge.


There are three different options for parking:

1.      Parking at Skygardens Tower: If you politely ask the security for a parking space and let them know that you will be back within one hour, they will let you park at the front of the building provided there is available parking at that time.
2.      RTA paid parking: There is RTA paid parking available on the side roads before and after Skygardens Tower.
3.      Covered parking across the street: Under all DIFC buildings and Al Fattan Currency tower, there is paid covered parking. The first hour is free.


We have shower facilities available on-site (1 Male and 1 Female).

Can I workout if I am pregnant?

Riding the stationary bike is safe during pregnancy as the bike can help to support your weight. Don’t forget the number one rule of always listening to your body and not pushing yourself to try to reach the intensity levels that you may have been able to reach before your pregnancy.